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what's is quartz sand

Quartz sand is a variant of colorless, transparent quartz. 

The Greeks call it "Krystallos," meaning "white ice." They are convinced that quartz is a durable and strong ice. Ancient Chinese believed that cold crystals in their mouths could quench their thirst. Quartz sand is a consolidated clastic rock with more than 95% quartz detritus. It is derived from various magmatic rocks, sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks. It has less heavy minerals and associated minerals such as feldspar, mica and clay minerals. 

Quartzite is divided into two types: sedimentary genesis and metamorphic genesis. The former has no obvious boundary between clastic particles and cement. The latter refers to quartzite ore with deep metamorphism and pure quality. The vein quartz is formed by the action of hydrothermal fluid, almost entirely composed of quartz, and has a dense block structure. The mineral content in quartz sand varies greatly, mainly quartz, followed by feldspar, mica, cuttings, heavy minerals, clay minerals and so on.

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